I am an optometrist and open to William H. Bates' teaching. Recently a paitent came to us complaining of pain in the eyes, lights, low vision. He had been wearing Minus lenses for 5 years and for 8 months was using the Plus Lense method as taught by Otis Brown and the Power Vision System which also advises this Plus Lens method. I advised the patient to stay away from both type of eyesglasses because his retina had deleloped swelling and a small cataract. He omited the minus lens but was convinced by the Plus lens people to continue the Plus Lens method. After 3 months he has returned with increased pain and 90 percent blindness. Exam showed the vessels in the reitna have burst, bleeding in the eye and much pressure around the optic nerve. Cataract larger. Operation for the retina, laser and other is scheduled.
These Plus Lens people are not eye doctors! Please avoid their advice. My patient heard about this method on the Internet and YouTube. I have repeorted to AMA.

Dr. Kufmeyer
New Jersey, U.S. - Monday, June 25, 2012 at 15:10:01 (CDT)

Alright! Thanks for the e-mail and this info. Heard this before about 6 mo. ago from people in Europe. Had to detach from the person they are referring to. Don't know if is same man but is so arguementive, very simliar. Too bad, has some good material, books on Bates, but... Heres a good website, free help from teachers and all positive people, good vides;
Mary I. Oliver <>
Worcester, MA - Thursday, June 21, 2012 at 14:47:17 (CDT)

S. Yung = other name Kazekage? - check optometry groups and yahoo, google... groups old posts. (Ask people in Europe.) Notice he refers people to a Better Eyesight Magazine seller and to but he puts down on those other groups. Kazekage referring people to himself?

I am posting this from a Bates teachers school attending this week.

Scott <>
Thursday, June 21, 2012 at 14:31:54 (CDT)

Free Natural Eyesight Training, truth about chiropractic causing injuries, impairing eyesight, other subjects related to eyesight.

Mary I. Oliver
Boston, MA - Friday, June 15, 2012 at 15:49:25 (CDT)

Health & light by John Ott - The story of John Ott's discovery of the role light plays in sustaining physical health is one of the true scientific breakthroughs of the last half century. It is the story of an observant, intelligent man who acted upon his observations and then supported them with scientific exploration. Health and Light has led many people to a greater understanding of the subtle role light plays in maintaining physical and emotional health
New Jersey - Tuesday, June 12, 2012 at 06:02:15 (CDT)

I am using another computer, this will be my last post. I had to defend myself against S. Yung. Sorry but he brought this here by his abuse of my teachers and my books on Amazon, then here. Hope the owner of this website has the smarts to also ban S. Yung. If not... who is he?
Would be nice if the true owner of this website, guestbook would post on here.

Clark Night
Monday, June 11, 2012 at 10:42:47 (CDT)

Posting for Clark Night with my birth name;

My IP address has been banned preventing me from posting on this Guestbook.

Mary I. Oliver
Monday, June 11, 2012 at 10:36:06 (CDT)

To S. Yung;
Yes; weaker and weaker REDUCED glasses as the vision is improving with practice of the Bates Method (as I stated in the article). The article I wrote here is warning about the harm that occurs by using strong eyeglasses, the Plus Lens method and other un-natural methods.

It also warns that glaucoma, detached retina, cataract can occur and be advanced to blindness when any type, strength of eyeglasses are worn when the eyes health, vision has already been progressively impaired or has a injury.

iblindness's 'looking at details' article helped cure my vision when it was temp. impaired from a neck injury by a bad chiropractor. Give other author's their due respect, credit for teaching in an effective way.

Clark Night <>
Today+ ; going to Boston to teach free in the Park, USA - Monday, June 11, 2012 at 09:12:03 (CDT)

Lastly, on artificial lenses, Dr. Bates in his later years had relaxed the stringent rule that glasses must be discarded up front. Cases where patients improved while still wearing glasses were well documented in his writings.
S Yung
Sunday, June 10, 2012 at 19:59:02 (CDT)

I have to confess I never waste time reading any of Clark Night’s long, windy posts, only scan the opening lines to get the gist.

And it appears she had unleashed a most comprehensive attack on plus (convex) lenses.

While I personally do not subscribe to the hype surrounding plus lens, such a lengthy attack is truly out of place, and appears more like one vendor intent on trashing the competition’s offerings.

Remember Clark Night had ruthlessly attacked this very site ( on several occasions on Amazon as well, for no apparent reason other than the fact that this site is also a competitor.

And we are supposed to take her latest diatribe seriously, really?

As for plus lens, there is still a lack of convincing explanation for the efficacy of such use, but neither could I see much harm from it since no permanent change is done to the eyes, and assuming any sensible person would soon give up after a while without improvement.

I think the greatest harm of plus lens lies in the time, money, and effort wasted on something worthless; but the same can happen to anyone who follows some wrong vision advice.

Case in point: the so-called visual halo (used to train the user to always look only through the center of the visual field) advocated by Clark Night and her teacher Quackenbush is definitely worthless, and potentially harmful in prolonged use.

S Yung
Sunday, June 10, 2012 at 19:54:55 (CDT)

From a couple of previous posts, I can see an unmistakable desire to drive traffic to another site.

Actually, I think that is a good idea. If only Clark Night and her cliques would move to the other site and spare us her long and blathering posts, we can focus on what this site is really about.

But that will never happen. The potential sales leads this page generates is not something Clark Night is willing to give up. So expect her to continue to offer free ebooks as a come-on.

Incidentally, I once visited a long time ago and saw some recommendations for myopia there; namely, to look for details and more details (not sure if the same info is still there). I could tell such recommendations were borne out of a misunderstanding of Dr. Bates’ teachings.

But it is not my place to point out every irregularity that is out there. Thus I strongly suggest people learn from Dr. Bates only, not Clark Night or any other vendor.

S Yung
Sunday, June 10, 2012 at 19:37:56 (CDT)

Ophthalmologist Bates teaches that NO EYEGLASSES is the best way to go for perfect eye health, perfect sight.
Clark Night
Thursday, June 7, 2012 at 06:08:51 (CDT)

This Article has been removed by owners of Groups on Yahoo… that claim to be true Bates Method Groups, Forums. In reality they are not, they endorse, allow this harmful method, most unnatural dangerous use of eyeglasses (Plus Lens Method) to be posted and delete posts by people stating the truth about this method. Otis Brown and his co-authors are a main seller of this harmful Plus Lens method listed in this article. They are advising to children, pilots, senior citizens, all people, even though these authors have vision impairment, cataract, eye surgeries due to use of their harmful Plus Lens Method. The only forum that allows this article, THE TRUTH to be posted is; . I hope keeps this article posted.

The article starts and ends with warnings, what to avoid for a variety of conditions, treatments.


Some teachers do not teach Natural Eyesight Improvement correct. Even a few certified Bates Teachers have deviated from the true method and are teaching, selling un-natural methods that can impair the vision. Choose a teacher carefully. Study Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazines, books and compare them to the teachers method to determine if he/she is a true Bates Method Natural Eyesight Improvement Teacher. True teachers train for free.

Avoid wearing contact lenses. Contact lenses cannot be worn before, during, after practicing Natural Eyesight Improvement. The contacts will not fit the eye, cornea as it changes to normal, healthy shape and function with practice of The Bates Method, Natural Eyesight Improvement. Contact lenses can scrape, injure, infect and scar the eyes cornea, eyes, impairing the vision, eyes health. The eye and cornea can and do change shape often, on their own, with or without practice of Natural Eyesight Improvement. Contact lenses are never a perfect fit to the eye.
Eyeglasses; As Natural Eyesight Improvement is practiced, your present eyeglass lens prescription will not fit the eyes improved state of vision; the glasses will become too strong and eyesight through the lenses will be unclear. Eyesight can improve quickly. If glasses are needed, a weaker 20/40 clarity reduced prescription (legal for driving, work…) should be purchased before starting Natural Eyesight Improvement. The first eyeglass prescription and future prescriptions should not be 20/20 or stronger clarity because these strong eyeglasses prevent eyesight improvement. This is explained in the beginning of the book.

Natural Eyesight Improvement normalizes the eyes pressure, improves eye health, returns the eye and cornea to normal shape. When the eye changes shape, focus of light rays in the eye changes. When the eye is in normal shape, light rays focus correct, vision is clear. If you have any eye condition; glaucoma, cataract.., check with your Eye Doctor first before practicing Natural Eyesight Improvement. Eye drops, drugs, medicine, medical treatments for eye pressure, other conditions… may need to be changed, reduced, discontinued.
Natural Eyesight Improvement changes the shape of the eye, cornea back to normal, healthy condition. If eye, retina, cornea, cataract... surgery or other treatment has been done to the eyes; check with the Eye Doctor first to be sure the surgery, treatment and Natural Eyesight Improvement do not conflict, interfere with eachother; with the eye shape, state the doctor has fit the surgery to and with the treatment.
Natural Eyesight Improvement may help the surgery, help the eye to heal or it may work against the surgery because; Natural Eyesight Improvement brings the eye, cornea to normal shape with correct focus of light rays on the retina-but, the surgery, treatment may have been done to place, keep the eye or part of the eye in an abnormal shape, state, along with the abnormal shape, state it was in before the surgery or a new abnormal shape, state or a normal shape, state but with specific conditions. Example; Retina surgery for detached retina or other retina condition done on a eye that has an injury or is abnormally lengthened due to advanced near-sight, or is shortened due to advanced far-sight, many years wearing eyeglasses may act, result differently if the patient practices Natural Eyesight Improvement and returns the eye to normal, round shape, all eye parts to normal state, normal eye pressure, fluid, circulation flow, correct focus of light rays… The surgery and Natural Eyesight Improvement may conflict, work against eachother resulting in eye, vision impairment.
If surgery was done for a eye injury or other condition when the eye, cornea, parts were in normal shape and done to keep the eye, cornea, parts in normal shape, then; the doctor may or may not allow Natural Eyesight Improvement to be practiced to help heal, benefit the surgery, eye.

Same warnings, results for eye cornea laser surgery and other cornea, eye surgeries, including cataract lens surgery. The eye or part of the eyes shape, state set by the surgery, (surgery alters the cornea, sometimes lens, other parts of the eye, often changes the eye to an unnatural shape and/or state) will not fit the eyes shape, state if it improves naturally or becomes more impaired after the surgery. Eyesight will become unclear. See the warning in the book chapter on cornea eye surgery.

Do not do inversion, upside down exercises, trampoline, spinning… as shown in the physical therapy chapter if there is an eye injury, condition, treatment, surgery; detached retina, retina, cataract, cornea eye surgery, any surgery, medical treatment and some conditions such as injured arteries, veins, capillaries in the eyes, neck, head, brain, body, stroke...

Avoid eye doctors that place an eyeglass lens prescription ‘inside the eye’ in the cataract replacement lens when replacing, altering the eyes lens during cataract surgery. The person is then trapped with a permanent eyeglass prescription inside the eye. This will maintain the strain, tension in the eyes, eye muscles, brain, cause more vision impairment. The implanted artificial eyeglass lens forces the eyes, vision to remain impaired, increases the strain, tension, damages the eyes health, impairs natural light entering the eyes, prevents Natural Eyesight Improvement.
If Natural Eyesight Improvement is practiced or if the eye ‘naturally, on its own’ tries to return to normal function; the eyes shape, focus of light rays will improve, but now the new correct eye shape, normal focus of light rays will not fit the implanted eyeglass lens; the artificial eyeglass lens in the eye will not be the correct prescription, it will be too strong, cannot work with the improved eye shape, new improved focus of light rays. Unclear vision will occur. (Laser cornea surgery has the same effect; it places, etches a prescription into the cornea.
If the eye muscles become more tense, eye shape more abnormal, light rays more impaired, mental, visual system strain increases (due to the strain the eyeglass lens inside the eyes WILL CAUSE); the vision will become unclear because the eyeglass lens prescription will not fit the increased impaired eye shape, increased abnormal focus of light rays. The prescription will be too weak. The eye doctor will then sell a new eye operation to change the eyeglass lens prescription inside the eye to a stronger prescription. This will further impair the vision, eyes health.
In either case; if the eyes shape improves or becomes more impaired, a new operation to change the lens prescription will be performed. Bifocal, astigmatism prescription in the lens increases vision impairment. All lenses including unequal prescription strength in the left and right eyes cause extreme imbalance in the eyes, eye muscles, visual system, brain, left and right brain hemispheres. All brain functions; memory, imagination, mood, sleep, hormone, chemical, nerve signals… are impaired. When the function of the eye, retina, brain is impaired the eyes function of pulling light into the eye, using light and transmitting the light energy to the brain, body is impaired. Eye movement, central fixation and other eye functions are also impaired.

The artificial lens implanted in the eye, with or without an eyeglass prescription in it impairs natural sunlight entering the eyes, causes unbalanced, partial spectrum, unhealthy light to travel into the eyes, brain, body, impairing health of all. An eyeglass prescription in the lens increases the imbalance of the light. Read the chapter on natural full spectrum, balanced sunlight; it is necessary for good health, clear eyesight.

It is best if the eye doctor does not place an eyeglass prescription in the cataract replacement lens so future operations can be avoided. If the eyes lens during cataract surgery is not altered, not replaced with an eyeglass lens prescription; near-sight, far-sight, astigmatism, bifocal, tinted.., then Natural Eyesight Improvement may be effective, the eyes, vision will have a chance to improve, maintain clear eyesight and help to prevent development of future cataracts. Ask your eye doctor to NOT place any type of eyeglass lens prescription in the cataract replacement lens. Also state that you prefer NOT to have laser surgery performed to create a prescription in the eyes lens or cornea.
When possible, it’s best to remove the cataract from the eyes natural lens and keep that original natural eye lens in the eye, no artificial implant. Even better; practice the Bates Method, a healthy diet and avoid wearing eyeglasses to avoid developing unclear vision, cataract. If you have cataract; find a Bates Method Ophthalmologist and use the Bates Method to reverse, cure the cataract naturally without surgery.
People have obtained and maintained clear vision after cataract surgery (without a prescription placed in the lens, eye), unsuccessful eye muscle and other eye surgeries but always check with an eye doctor, preferably a Bates Method, Natural Eyesight Improvement Ophthalmologist first.
If the eyes cornea was treated with laser or other cornea surgery, Natural Eyesight Improvement may help prevent the vision from becoming more impaired but if the eye shape improves too much, beyond the state the surgery was set to, the vision may blur because the improved eye shape will not fit the prescription the surgery etched into the cornea. A balance has to figured out and this is tricky; perfect relaxation, eye shape and the eye won’t fit the surgery, but more impairment and the eye won’t fit the surgery. Any pulling on the surgically altered cornea as it tries to adjust to a new shape can tear or cause waves… in the cornea because it has been weakened and made unnatural by surgery. I don’t know if the cornea can re-grow (like the human liver, skin…) back to the state it was in before the cornea surgery. If this can happen, then the cornea will become strong again and Natural Eyesight Improvement may help.

Plus lens eyeglass method, eye stretching exercises, artificial 3-D fusion repetitive eye exercises (see chapter in book), use of contact lenses, Orthokeratology and other methods using contact lenses to force the shape of the eyes cornea to change, bifocals, multi-section, mono-vision lenses, 20/20 and stronger eyeglasses, laser and other eye cornea surgery, cataract lens surgery containing a eyeglass prescription replacement lens embedded in the eyes and other un-natural methods. These un-natural methods destroy the eyes health and clarity of vision, lead to a variety of eye problems including blindness. They are completely against, opposite of the true Bates Method of Natural Eyesight Improvement discovered and taught by Ophthalmologist William H. Bates.
No eyeglasses is the best, fastest, safe way to perfect eye health and clear vision.

Avoid the Plus Lens Eyeglass Method and other un-natural treatments;

Avoid Behavioral Optometrists, teachers that use the Plus Lens and other un-natural methods.
The Plus Lens Method is advertised to change the eyes shape and reverse Myopia. It is a very harmful method that causes cataract, other eye problems, interferes with natural healing, Natural Eyesight Improvement, the eyes and eye muscles normal function. It impairs the eyes health and vision; Plus Lens treatment is not Dr. Bates Method. There are businesses, Authors re-creating Dr. Bates books and adding harmful treatments. Plus Lens businesses, book authors are selling, advising this dangerous method to pilots, children, seniors, all people. Avoid it! People advertising Plus lens and other harmful methods delete comments on their forums, YouTube… posted by people that state the method has impaired their vision. Many of the authors still wear eyeglasses, are addicted to Plus Lenses and have had eye surgeries after using the method.
I have found through research from the present time to back in the early 1900's that people end up using the plus method for years and are still wearing eyeglasses.

Plus lens (prescribed for close vision) are opposite the effect of the minus lens (prescribed for distant vision). Persons selling plus lenses state the lenses might help a person with very high myopia, extreme unclear vision reverse the addiction, effect of the strong minus lens but;
plus lenses also cause extreme vision impairment. Its risky, dangerous, a deceptive crutch that gives a false sense of security, safety. Fooling around with the way the eye muscles work by wearing plus lenses, causing tension, confusion, dysfunction, imbalance in the eye muscles, brain, visual system, strain in the eyes can cause detached retina, cataracts, glaucoma, strabismus, impair tear production, pupil function, eye pressure, fluid flow and cause other eye problems. This risk is increased if the person has advanced myopia, presbyopia, strong eyeglasses which always lowers the eyes health. The eye muscles, eyes are already tense, impaired from wearing eyeglasses. The plus lens method increases this condition, impairment and can result in detached retina, vitreous, other eye problems listed in this article.
The Plus Lens Method forces a person’s eyes that have normal clear close vision to look through a blurry incorrect close vision reading eyeglass prescription. This prevents and impairs normal accommodation, convergence, un-accommodation, divergence. It results in unclear close vision and addiction to the plus lenses. Stronger and stronger glasses are prescribed as the vision is further impaired. Close and distant vision become unclear. The plus lens method is dangerous; done by causing a different type of eye muscle tension that results in overall eye muscle tension, dysfunction, abnormal eye shape, unclear close vision, still maintains myopia and produces other eye problems. Astigmatism often occurs because the eye muscles become out of balance, uncoordinated, in a constant state of tension. (Bifocals and astigmatism lenses maintain and increase all of these problems.)

The 'Plus Lens Method’ (close vision, reading glasses) is harmful and using the minus, negative lens (distant vision lenses) is harmful. Replacing the minus lens (which is usually prescribed for unclear distant vision) with another type of harmful eyeglass lens (Plus Lens-reading glasses) is as destructive as the minus eyeglass lens. Plus lenses and minus lenses impair close and distant vision. All eyeglasses cause eye muscle tension, impair health of the eyes, vision.

Plus lens reading eyeglasses are close vision magnifying glasses. Close vision eyeglass lenses are a main cause of cataract. They cause, increase presbyopia, myopia, cataract, glaucoma, detached retina, astigmatism, many eye problems, interferes with true natural healing. Many senior citizens, younger people, age 40, all ages that have worn reading glasses for a few years or shorter time develop cataracts, retina health impairment, other eye damage, eye muscle tension, dysfunction, imbalance and extreme strain, tension in the visual system. The eyeglasses quickly increase blurred vision at the reading, close distance and eventually far distances. Blood, fluid circulation in the eyes is impaired, lens, retina... health and the vision impair fast when reading glasses are used. Stronger and stronger eyeglasses are prescribed, then bifocals, leading to cataract.., other eye problems, eye surgeries. The ‘Plus Lens Method’ increases all these problems.

All eyeglasses; Plus Lens-close vision, reading glasses, Minus Lens for distant vision, Astigmatism lens, Bifocals, Multi-Section and Mono-Vision lenses, Colored, Tinted lenses, Sunglasses, Contact lenses, Prisms… and other un-natural eyesight treatments impair eye health and the clarity of vision. They strain, impair and prevent relaxation of the mind, body, eyes, impairs function of the brain, visual cortex, left and right brain hemispheres and their control of, function with the eyes, eye muscles, retina, lens, iris, in-coordinates the eye muscles, eyes, impairs eye muscle function, eye movement, causes left and right brain hemisphere imbalance, impaired memory, imagination, concentration... All these conditions further impair the vision and can result in crossed, wandering eyes, low, no vision in one or both eyes.
Different types of eyeglass lenses; Minus, Plus, Astigmatism, Bifocal... cause more impairment, dysfunction, tension in specific eye muscles but always cause dysfunction, tension in all the eye muscles. All eyeglasses cause and progressively increase tension, imbalance, dysfunction in the outer and inner eye muscles, impair normal accommodation, convergence for close vision and un-accommodation, divergence for distant vision. The eye muscle tension places pressure, tension, stretching, pulling on/in the eye, retina, lens, cornea, iris/pupil, capillaries, fluid, tear vessels, channels, nerves.., causes abnormal eye pressure impairing health of the eyes, clarity of vision. The eye is squeezed into an abnormal lengthened, shortened and/or irregular shape. Detached retina and vitreous, glaucoma, cataract, astigmatism, myopia, near-sight, far-sight, presbyopia and many other eye health, vision problems develop.

Dr. Bates says NO GLASSES is the best, the healthiest way to go. When a person contacts me with advanced eye problems; extreme blur, retina condition, cataract, glaucoma, astigmatism...; I tell them they must "Immediately Stop Use of Eyeglasses!" Continuing the eyeglasses, even using weaker reduced lenses can advance the eye problem, prevent a cure. Within 1-2 months after stopping eyeglasses they report improvement, even for people that don’t use Natural Eyesight Improvement, just discontinuing eyeglasses allows the eyes to function natural, correct 'on their own' and return to good health. Cataracts, Astigmatism, Blindness, Retina holes... have been reversed and cured.

Clear eyesight can be obtained in a safe way without any eyeglasses;

Read fine print in the sunlight without eyeglasses; it changes the eyes shape, focus of light rays to normal for clear close and distant vision in a healthy, safe way. It perfects coordination, relaxation, function of the outer and inner eye muscles. Fine print changes the eyes shape to normal, cures myopia, Farsight/presbyopia in this way; Dr. Bates states; When looking close, reading; the outer eye muscles change the eyes shape to round, slightly lengthened for perfect accommodation, focus of light rays on the retina, clear vision. Convergence is also perfect. (Other eye doctors state the lens also changes shape.) This action will help an abnormally, progressively lengthened eye shape that causes myopia, unclear distant vision to change to the normal, healthy round shape it needs to be in for correct focus of light rays on the retina, clear distant vision. Divergence also is perfect. When looking to the distance from the close fine print, in a state of relaxation (which the fine print induces when read correct with shifting, central fixation) the eye tends to change from slightly lengthened for reading up close to perfect round for distance. The lens also functions correct.

Avoid eyeglasses, use the Bates Method, read fine, microscopic print in the sunlight at close distances the way Ophthalmologist Bates describes to keep the eyes healthy, avoid development of cataracts, glaucoma and other eye problems.
Go out into the sunlight without eyeglasses, sunglasses and use the eyes relaxed, correct;
practice 'shifting', natural eye movement, central-fixation and switching on objects at close, middle, far distances. Practice relaxation of mind, body, eyes-deep and dynamic relaxation, palming, improve the memory, imagination, good nutrition. All these healthy practices will relax and return all the eye muscles; outer and inner; oblique, recti, ciliary, iris, tear gland... to normal function with clear vision at all distances, healthy eyes without dangerous side effects. This is the natural, safe alternative to using minus or plus eyeglasses, bifocal… Eyeglasses impair all natural, normal eye functions.

The True Bates Method of Natural Eyesight Improvement brings clear vision and healthy eyes without use of eyeglasses. Bates Method students can use a series of weaker and weaker, reduced 20/40 eyeglass lenses, only if needed for driving, safety at work... until the vision reaches a safe level of clarity to permanently stop use of eyeglasses. Example; a person with unclear distant vision wearing a strong minus lens can a wear weaker and weaker 20/40 strength clarity minus eyeglass lenses as they practice Natural Eyesight Improvement and the vision improves, reverses back to clear through levels of clarity; this allows the eye muscles, visual system some relaxation and ability to reverse back to perfect clarity, complete relaxation. Eyeglasses are permanently discontinued.
Pilots and others required to have 20/20 vision cannot wear reduced 20/40 lenses when flying… but they can wear them with practice of the Bates Method to achieve 20/20 without glasses, then pass the eye exam, legal to fly.

When possible NO GLASSES is best way to go, fastest way to improve the vision.
Stay safe and healthy; Avoid eyeglasses. Let the eyes go natural, complete relaxation and see clearer than 20/20 with The Bates Method of Natural Eyesight Improvement. It's the original Natural Vision Course used successfully by the Military, Air Force Pilots in World War Two and present time.

The Bates method alone is enough and is safe, natural. Dr Bates books and his 132 Issues of ‘Better Eyesight Magazine’ containing the cures for myopia, presbyopia, astigmatism... is all a person needs to gain clear eyesight and healthy eyes. They are free on the internet and in the E-books.
Most people only need to stop wearing glasses and to learn basic shifting, central-fixation, natural eye movement and relaxation. When eyeglasses are removed, the eyes, eye muscles, brain return to normal function, apply Natural Eyesight Improvement automatically, on their own reversing, returning the eyesight to perfect clarity. Eyeglasses prevent this natural correction.

People, doctors selling unnatural eye treatments try to discredit Dr. Bates, hide his work. Most all Optometry, Ophthalmology books, articles, colleges, eye doctors will not state this truth because they are in the business of selling eyeglasses, eye surgery and drugs. Only Dr. Bates and a few honest old and modern natural eye doctors have stated the truth about the harm that all eyeglasses cause.

Eye surgery, treatments for eye injury, special conditions are necessary. Always check with your eye doctor and find a True Bates Method Ophthalmologist. They are hard to find, but do exist and are growing in number as natural health cures, the truth is available to the public.

Many eye conditions are caused by mal-nutrition, poor posture and stress, emotional, mental stress, strain. Eyeglasses maintain this, prevent a cure on all levels. People have re-gained clear vision by remembering and releasing painful memories, experiences, trauma from their childhood and other times. Natural Vision Improvement and stopping use of eyeglasses can uncover, release the negative emotions, stress. Do not worry about facing this. Encounter it and release the pain. Replace it with positive thoughts, emotions, ways of thinking about the experience. If you are in a destructive environment, find a way to gain your freedom, protect yourself from negative, abusive people. EFT and Deep relaxation, mind control training by Robert Monroe are of great benefit. Theses are described in the book.

Some family, friends, teachers will try to discourage your practice. This can be due to their being forced by the eye doctors to believe only the doctors advice, which is usually eyeglasses, surgery, drugs or due to them being afraid of a new method, not wanting to learn or being jealous of you being able to cure yourself; it is empowering and they may fear losing control over you, the family, circle of friends and the old way of life. Don’t be discouraged. You have millions of other successful Bates Method practitioners to communicate and grow with. Read the history books and research true history books that are not provided by the schools, colleges. Many scientists, doctors are shunned by society, their discoveries, theories, proven facts ignored, destroyed and hidden.
Years later usually after his, her death the scientist’s work is accepted and the world is benefited.

The Bates Method should be taught in schools, colleges for children and adults to prevent eye problems, preserve knowledge of the method for future generations.

Clark Night <>
Worcester, MA, USA - Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at 12:31:33 (CDT)

Hi FIAT2LUX. If you like, send me a e-mail and I will send you 14 free e-books. I can also talk with you on Skype and maybe help. I don't post on here too often because a business competitior, guy that writes bad reviews of my books (S. Yung) picks fights with me. Stressful. is really the best Forum, the webmaster is there, keeps the place happy, positive and healthy.

Mary (writer's pen-name-Clark Night

Clark Night <>
Worcester, MA, USA - Saturday, May 26, 2012 at 06:55:20 (CDT)

Thanks for all the Bates educational info on this site. I don't think I've ever seen a Guest Book quite like this one, tho ... seems more like a bad forum discussion. Think i'll just take what I need and leave the rest.
Thursday, May 10, 2012 at 15:05:33 (CDT)

Hi overthere, I would love to use the swingBrowser more often. Unfortunately, it is not working with google or yahoo. What can I do? Thanks a lot for any help, Katrin
Eva <>
Dresden, Germany - Monday, May 7, 2012 at 07:14:02 (CDT)

I believe you recognize me from Thanks for giving that insight on Aldus Huxley. I had previously given up his personal experience as quackery due to that single incident, but now that I understand for myself what you mean by that (although I'm still in the bad fluctuation zone 99.5% of the time, and good vision only 0.5% of the time, if that), I'm much more open to his books and works.


USA - Friday, May 4, 2012 at 15:36:53 (CDT)

To those searching for a simple vision course:

The fact that you are at this site means you already have all the information you need. Don’t believe everything other people say and never assume people selling books/courses know better or more than you do, especially since you will never know the true status of their own vision. You will be better off just reading Dr. Bates’ book instead.

S Yung
Thursday, April 12, 2012 at 19:57:27 (CDT)

The central field is clearest; that's where the normally functioning eyes naturally look, placing the object of visual attention in the central field for maximum clarity. The central field moves automatically with the eyes, moving over each object the eyes look at, one object, one small part of a object at a time. Part to part on a object and from object to object throughout the scenery. The eyes move quickly, easily. The eyes fovea centralis and macula, central field of the eyes retina creates the central field of vision, most clear area of the visual field with bright color. The fovea in the center of the macula (containing the most cones) produces even clearer vision, brighter color in the small exact central field seeing tiny fine details clear at any distance, close or far.

Here's two of Dr. Bates descriptions to further clarify. From Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazine;

A - Seeing best where you are looking; that is, an object, for instance, a chair, look at the arm or the leg. The object is brought out clearer. Trying to take in the whole chair at once, strains the eyes, and the object becomes blurred.

CENTRAL FIXATION improves the vision. The normal eye is always at rest and always has central fixation. Central fixation cannot be obtained through any effort. When an effort is made by the normal eye, central fixation is always lost. In central fixation, one sees best the point regarded while all other points are seen less clearly. Look at the upper left hand corner of the back of a chair. Note that all other parts of the chair are not seen so well. Look at the top of a letter at a distance at which it can be seen clearly. Then quickly look at the bottom of the letter. Alternate.

Clark Night <>
Saturday, April 7, 2012 at 16:22:31 (CDT)

Everytime I try to post something positive on the website S. Yung comes back with more negative posts. Hopefully some new people will post on here. I cant keep trying.
Heres a positive post, a timeline of Bates teachers, Books;

WITHOUT GLASSES By OPHTHALMOLOGIST WILLIAM H. BATES - 1920. This is Dr. Bates First, Original book. It contains the complete unedited version. Treatments for blindness, other conditions.

Is not the complete version of Dr. Bates original book, has a few new additional information.

Stories From the Clinic (123 True Stories of Bates Method Patient Treatments) By EMILY C. A. LIERMAN, BATES 1919 - 1930.
Better Eyesight Magazines prove and describe how Dr. Bates and Emily Bates
Applied Natural Vision Improvement to cure many patients of unclear vision, astigmatism, wandering eyes, cataracts, glaucoma, and many other eye problems/disease without use of eyeglasses, surgery, drugs. The optical industry and eye doctors became angry, realizing they were losing a lot of money as people were being cured of unclear vision and other eye conditions naturally by Dr. Bates and did not need to purchase eyeglasses, surgery and drugs. The optical industry and eye doctors tried to stop Dr. Bates from curing his patient's eye problems and teaching Natural Vision Improvement to the public. To date; year 2012, the optical industry and eye doctors that prefer to sell eyeglasses, surgery and drugs continue to suppress information on Natural Vision Improvement, prevent the public from learning how to obtain clear vision and cure/prevent other eye problems naturally.

+ STRENGTHENING THE EYES, A SYSTEM OF SCIENTIFIC EYE TRAINING By BERNARR A. MACFADDEN 1918, 1924 - His first book was published 25 years previous to this book. The 1918, 1924 book is a result of his studying Ophthalmologist Bates work.
Originally Dr. Bates name was on the book as co-author with MacFadden. Later editions of the book were authored by MacFadden alone.

+STORIES FROM THE CLINIC By EMILY C. A. LIERMAN, BATES - 1926 - Derived from Better Eyesight Magazine with a few additions, changes in the writing.

+ THE IMPROVEMENT OF SIGHT BY NATURAL METHODS By Cecil S. Price - Trained by Dr. Bates - 1934

Step by step Bates Method directions for various eye problems and the effect that health, diet, stress, neck, shoulder tension, headaches... have on the eyes. I disagree with a few of the older methods in MacFadden and Peppard's books but they contain 95% correct, very beneficial information.
New versions of old outdated methods are provided in ‘Better Eyesight Magazine with 500 pictures’.
Dr. Peppard trained with Dr. Bates.

+ THE BATES METHOD FOR BETTER EYESIGHT WITHOUT GLASSES & BETTER EYESIGHT WITHOUT GLASSES By DR. WILLIAM H. BATES AND EMILY LIERMAN, BATES, HIS WIFE, MEDICAL NURSE, ASSISTANT - 1940 & 1943 - Is not the complete version of Dr. Bates original book. Looking into the sun with eyes open and other original treatments are removed from the book.
Emily Lierman/Bates re-published Dr. Bates book after his death with this new title. Book is missing a lot of the original treatments due to pressure, fear of imprisonment from the Optical, Medical Industry, Association, Doctors trying to hide, destroy the true Bates Method so they could continue selling eyeglasses, eye surgery and drugs. Emily added a new chapter to the end of the book describing the basic treatments.

+ USE YOUR OWN EYES - 1937 and
Studied with Dr. Bates and cured the vision of his patients.

+ THE ART OF SEEING By ALDOUS HUXLEY - 1942 – 95% perfect Bates Method. A few treatments are old, no longer applied – new improved versions are taught by modern teachers = closed eye sunning...

Margaret Corbett is a Natural Vision Improvement Teacher that worked with Dr. Bates in 1930, improved famous writer Aldous Huxley's vision and the vision of many people, including pilots and other people in the military.
The optical, medical industry tried to stop Margaret Corbett from teaching the public how to improve their vision naturally and stop use of eyeglasses. They accused her of practicing optometry without a license. They brought her to court.
Aldous Huxley, famous writer, was a witness that testified for Margaret Corbett.
He proved that she improved his vision, saved him from blindness. She won the case and improved the vision of people that were in the courtroom that day. Huxley wrote the book; 'The Art of Seeing' to describe the Bates Method and how his vision was cured. See his pictures on the right; top picture - strong, thick eyeglasses before Natural Vision Improvement. Bottom picture - without eyeglasses, he has clear vision after his vision was cured by the Bates Method of Natural Vision Improvement.
Critics state that later in life, Huxley was giving a speech and could not read part of a page without putting on glasses. People must realize that it is normal for the clarity of vision to fluctuate, especially when under pressure, a bit nervous giving a speech, and that Aldous Huxley had a major eye problem, was almost completely blind before treatment from Margaret Corbett.

Clark Night <>
Tuesday, April 3, 2012 at 07:00:20 (CDT)

I just received email notice of 2 new comments posted by Clark Night on my review of Better Eyesight. Both are the exact same attacks on Swing Windows she posted days earlier on another thread.

There have not been new activities on those threads for a long time, so all her attacks are totally unprovoked. must really be taking a lot of sales away from her.

The sad part is she thinks it will hurt me by trashing this site. Fat chance.

S Yung
Monday, April 2, 2012 at 16:01:59 (CDT)

A Natural Vision Teachers Method to relax the mind, eyes, get the eyes moving correct, break the staring habit and improve brain function with the eyes for clear vision;
Trace the figure eight with the eyes; and end of the imaginary Nosefeather. (Nosefeather is optional.) The eyes (visual attention, center of the visual field) and end of the Nosefeather move left and right, on/along the figure eight. The eight is this shape; 8 but laying on its side, horizontally.

Trace up the center and to the left first <;
+Trace up and over the top left <, down the left side, along the bottom and up through the center again, then trace the right side;
+up and over the top right >, down the right side, along the bottom and up again through the center.
+Trace the left side again, then right, left, right, left...
+The left side < is traced counterclockwise. < Activates the Right Brain Hemisphere.
+The right side > is traced clockwise. > Activates the Left Brain Hemisphere.

Do not stop in the center when tracing. Keep the eyes moving, continually tracing up through the center and around the eight, left and right.
Relax, blink, breathe abdominally.

Move the eyes, (visual attention, center of the visual field), tracing around the eight as if watching a small train moving along the figure eight. Trace at a comfortable speed; not extremely slow, but too not fast. Movement and relaxation is the goal.
Practice drawing imaginary figure eights in the air with the eyes and Nosefeather.
Draw large, medium, small eights. Fine print size eights.

Drawing the figure eight activates eye, head/face, neck and entire body movement. Movement activates relaxation, positive energy and improves the clarity of vision.

Draw railroad tracks on large, small and tiny pictures of the eight and trace on it with the eyes, Nosefeather to activate saccadic eye movements. Blink.

Natural Vision Improvement Teachers include entire body movement when drawing a large figure eight, similar to the long swing.

Clark Night <>
Monday, April 2, 2012 at 13:29:50 (CDT)

To the website owner Rune;

If S. Yung would not have been writing abusive reviews, comments of Natural Vision Improvement teachers books on, then telling them to go here, we would not have had to reply, protect ourself from his dishonest posts. Read them; he totally sounds angry, like a business competitor, hatred towards Bates teachers.

You can contact every person that has ever posted a e-mail on here and ask them if I have sold them a book; They will tell you I only give the books to them free.
I dont e-mail market. Too much work. I write and am working on live movies. May have Emily Lierman and Dr. Bates old movie from 1900's and will post it free, 'if can afford the guys price this year'.

I rarely post on here and now that S. Yung is on here with more harrassment, abuse, I will stay with my other favorite groups, forums where I can help nice, normal people improve their vision naturally. Anyone that wants to write; you get a free book. That includes S. Yung - Oh, forgot; you already sent an e-mail under a secret name and downloaded all the books and continue to recieve the free upgrades, new books. Thats ok, but please stop trashing a product you really like and study.

Clark Night

Clark Night <>
Monday, April 2, 2012 at 09:50:39 (CDT)

A Letter
To the site owner:

I apologize for the long letter and hope you’d take a couple of minutes from your schedule to read what I have to say.

In my review of the book Relearning to See, I pointed out major errors found in the book and recommended people read Dr. Bates' original writings instead, and gladly referred them to this site because here they can find Dr. Bates’ writings for free.

It is disheartening to imagine people come here after reading my review only to get sales pitch from Clark Night who is perpetuating the same kind of erroneous teachings found in the book.

Clark Night claimed to have achieved 30/10 vision (3 times the power of normal) in her glowing testimonial for her friend’s book. But when further questioned, she hedged and admitted (on record) her vision actually ranges from 20/30 to 20/20 at best (2/3 of normal to normal). Such a range doesn’t make much sense in my opinion, but people can make up their own mind.

Why should you care? Because this page is slowly turning into Clark Night’s own business outpost. Consider the following implications:

1. Clark Night’s heavy presence in the Guestbook page as a vendor is in direct contrast with the site’s goal of bringing Dr. Bates’ original works to the world.

2. Visitors are given the false impression that somehow the site endorses Clark Night’s products when she is allowed free run of the page eager to act like a moderator.

3. Starting with her emotional rants posted on September 11, 2011, Clark Night has been blatantly abusing this page to further her own agenda and to promote herself, causing nothing but distraction for others. For example, why was she complaining and ranting here about a bad review she received elsewhere?

4. Her ongoing attack on Swing Windows (still posted on Amazon) proves her intent to do harm, despite her damage control aimed at you here. Incidentally, she posted a similar attack last year but was deleted shortly. Now, having clearly demonstrated intent to harm the site’s reputation, she continues to post whatever she wants on this page and freely interacts with potential sales leads.

5. If Clark Night as a vendor is allowed to freely peddle her own brand to visitors to this page, maybe you should seriously consider changing the purpose and format of the site by inviting other vendors to put up links as well. It is only fair.

If you are not ready to do that yet, please consider taking steps to stop vendors from staking out this page. Some possibilities include:

&#61623; Do not publish visitors’ email addresses. It is never a good idea to publish email addresses in cyberspace, anyway.

Granted, some visitors may actually want to be put in contact with vendors by providing their email addresses, trusting that they can get a good vendor through this site. But as the site owner, you never want to have any part in connecting visitors with a vendor unless you actually endorse such vendor.

&#61623; Put up notice to prohibit vendors from posting on the page. This is easy to accomplish since all other vendors already have the courtesy and good sense to stay away. Clark Night is the only exception.

&#61623; Clean house by removing all postings related to this latest Clark Night attack. She already alleged some of her posts were deleted before, now is time to do it again and to keep things clean going forward.

Of course there is nothing I can do besides writing to you. If you agree with any of the above, I hope you would take remedial actions; if not, I can only hope someone will always be at hand to remind others that the only one they want to read up on is Dr. Bates, not Clark Night.

Thank you very much.

S Yung
Sunday, April 1, 2012 at 23:08:10 (CDT)

Do you have translate to Italian for this web site? Now am copy to a tranlate page. This work by Bates bring me very clear sight. Want to translate for family Italy.
Sabino <>
San Francisco, United State, Italy - Sunday, April 1, 2012 at 09:41:08 (CDT)

Hey, this works! Why has my med. doctor, eye guy not mentioned this? I asked her about the shift of the eyes as have learned here, told her its making the clarity better. Her reply, "I have not heard of shifting". Referred the doctor here!
Marty <>
West Virginia, U.S. - Friday, March 30, 2012 at 10:47:44 (CDT)

Wish we could edit on here to correct spelling. Cant proofread after post and fix mis-spellings, sorry.
Clark Night
Thursday, March 29, 2012 at 06:51:00 (CDT)

My vision is clear! See my website, drivers lisences, entire bio. S. Yung is lying again, again...; Read the comments I had to write to set the truth straight about his cruel, dis-honest reviews of 6 of my books on Amazon. There is something wrong with this guy. Personal hatred for true Natural Eyesight Teachers or he's just abnormal, a violent personality. He did not write bad reviews of my books until I wrote a five star review for my teachers books and commented with defense, truth on S. Yungs bad review of my teacher Thomas Quackenbush's book Relearning to See and Better Eyesdight, the Complete Magazines of WIllliam H. Bates.

All my books are posted free on Googlebooks. Read for free, obtain clear vision and judge for yourself the effectiveness of the method.

There are books by other authors on the internet advising Plus Lenses and unnatural fusion exercises that cause cataract and other eye problems but S. Yung does not write reviews about those books; he only writes bad about true, safe, effective Natural Eyesight Books, Teachers and people he has a strange dislike for even though he has never met them.

I will not post here in response to S. Yung again. Its not good Bates Method practice to allow onself to be pulled into negative, unhealthy atmosphere. I have to work on movies and a new eyesight improvement activity.

To Rune; my offer of a 3 time spell check and entire collection of the magazines in microsoft word so you can finish the collection on here still goes.

Heres the FREE Google link and videos;
Then to read more books, Bates Books; Copy/paste the title of the book on the website to Google books.

Clark NIght <>
In San Diego this weekend!, USA - Thursday, March 29, 2012 at 06:49:00 (CDT)

Honestly, I would rather spend time reading Dr. Bates's writings than Clark Night's, so I have to admit I did not spend more than a few seconds on all her postings.

My question is: Why is Clark Night acting like a moderator on this page offering free books to everyone through email when most of Dr. Bates' writings are already free on this site?

Could it be she is really going after sales leads by establishing email contact with visitors to this page?

I would never buy any book from her knowing her credentials (or lack thereof), plus the fact that, by her own admission, she has not been able to improve her own vision despite what she's trying to sell.

S Yung
Wednesday, March 28, 2012 at 20:01:43 (CDT)

Heres something positive;

Dr. William H. Bates, Ophthalmologist discovered and perfected Natural Eyesight Improvement, The Bates Method'. He discovered the natural principles, true, normal function of the eyes (visual system) and applied natural methods, relaxation to return the eyes, eye muscles, nerves, mind/brain, thought patterns, body (entire visual system) to natural, normal function with healthy eyes and clear vision. 'The Bates Method of Natural Eyesight Improvement'.
He cured; unclear close and distant vision, astigmatism, crossed, wandering eyes, cataracts, glaucoma, and other eye conditions. Natural Eyesight (Vision) Improvement was practiced years before Dr. Bates discovered it. It is the normal, natural function of the eyes. Hidden from the public by Eye Surgeons, Optometrists, Optical businesses for over 100 years because this method works, is easy, anyone can learn, teach it, including children. It produces healthy eyes, clear vision and frees the patient from the need to purchase harmful eyeglasses, drugs, unnecessary eye surgery. Yes, it can and has reversed cataracts!
Dr. Bates worked his entire life treating people successfully with Natural Eyesight Improvement. When he cured the eyes, vision of many patients, medical students and other doctors in the hospital where he worked with natural treatments, without use of eyeglasses, surgery, drugs and proved his method is fact and that some of the old theories of eye function are incorrect, only theories; the doctors, eye surgeons that preferred to sell eyeglasses, surgery, drugs became angry and expelled him. (See: `Reason and Authority' and `Dr. Bates Lecture' in Better Eyesight Magazine; November, 1919, April, 1923 and Articles in his book.) Dr. Bates then opened his own office, a Clinic in Harlem, New York City. He treated thousands of people by natural methods, including many of the poor people that had little money. He kept his price for medical treatment low and also provided no charge office visits `Free Clinic Days' for people that could not afford to pay for a visit to an Ophthalmologist. He trained, certified other doctors, people to be Bates Method-Natural Eyesight Improvement Teachers. He trained them for free, no charge. His treatments were successful. He cured the young and old, people of all ages, nationalities, cured a variety of eye conditions previously considered incurable.
The Bates Method is so simple and effective that many of his cured patients, `often children' then went on to cure their friends, family, parents, teachers and other children of defective vision including crossed, wandering eyes, blindness. Read the `true story of the two little girls that restored a blind mans eyesight' in the Oct. 1925 Magazine Issue. Read Dr. Bates full story in `Better Eyesight Magazine' and his book `The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment Without Glasses'.
Dr. Bates recorded 11 years of work in his clinic, his patients and their varied treatments in his Better Eyesight Magazines, Books and Medical Articles. Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazines contain many Natural Treatments, a variety of Activities, Directions, Articles describing how Dr. Bates, Emily Lierman Bates, (his clinic assistant, wife) and other Eye Doctors, School Teachers, Bates Method Students, Bates Teachers, Children and Parents used Natural Treatments to remove, correct, prevent many different eye problems: unclear close and distant vision (nearsight, myopia, farsight, presbyopia), astigmatism, cataracts, glaucoma, conical cornea, cornea ulcers & scars, retinitis pigmentosa, wandering/crossed eyes (strabismus), amblyopia and other eye conditions. Done without eyeglasses, surgery, drugs. Dr. Bates used surgery, drugs only when necessary, (Eye injury, infection...).
The magazines contain `True Life Stories' of the doctors, assistants, patients, treatments. Interesting, entertaining, fun to read. A History book, life in the early 1900's. Vision improvement based `Fairy Stories' and other articles for children are included. The stories produce a positive, relaxed state of mind, activate, improve the memory and imagination, teach Natural Eyesight Improvement, normal, correct eye functions. This improves the eyesight without trying, effortlessly.

Dr. Bates discovered Natural Eyesight Improvement over 100 years ago - Started around the year 1886. Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazines, books are the original source of The Bates Method and true Natural Eyesight Improvement. The Original Better Eyesight Magazine collection is proof that Ophthalmologist William H. Bates discovered the Bates Method, Natural Eyesight (Vision) Improvement and is the True Author of the Magazine.
The Optical, Medical Industry/Association and most Eye Doctors, Opticians have hidden Dr. Bates work, magazines, books, articles, Natural Eyesight Improvement from the public for over 100 years because: The Bates Method improves the clarity of vision, eye function, Dr. Bates writings are proof that Natural Eyesight Improvement works, produces clear vision, healthy eyes, it describes, teaches people how to apply Natural Eyesight Improvement & obtain clear vision `on their own' and prevents the need for purchasing eyeglasses, contact lenses, sunglasses, eye surgery and drugs. The Bates Method is safe, healthy for the eyes, reverses and prevents vision impairment.

After Dr. Bates death, the Optical Industry, Medical Doctors/Association destroyed Dr. Bates magazines, books, articles, removed them from libraries, schools, colleges, bookstores in an attempt to hide the truth about Natural Eyesight Improvement from the public, prevent people from curing their eyesight.
They bribed dishonest politicians, judges to pass laws preventing the public from teaching Natural Eyesight Improvement. They passed a law stating that only an eye doctor can teach the Bates Method. Most doctors refused to teach it. Ophthalmology, Optometry, Optician Colleges hid it, refused to teach it and Eye Doctors were taught in College to ignore the Bates Method. Honest eye doctors were afraid to teach it, were told that they would lose their medical license if they used it in their practice.

A few honest Eye Doctors, Bates Teachers, Students, Libraries from the 1900's-present have hidden, preserved and republished Dr. Bates magazines, books and continued to teach the Bates Method despite harassment from the Optical, Medical Industry; Emily Lierman/Bates, Dr. Harold Peppard, Cecil S. Price, Dr. William MacCracken, Bernarr MacFadden, Clara Hackett, Margaret Corbett, Aldous Huxley, Janet Goodrich, Thomas Quackenbush and others.
(See the case of Margaret Corbett and Aldous Huxley, New York City, USA;
The Optical/Medical Industry/Association brought her to court, accused her of practicing Optometry without a license. She won all cases brought against her and cured the eyesight of many people that were in the courtroom. Aldous Huxley (famous Author) was a witness for Margaret Corbett, proved to the court how she reversed his near blindness, improved his eyesight. He later wrote the book; `The Art of Seeing'. She won other cases preserving the public's right to teach, practice Natural Eyesight Improvement.
The Optical, Medical and Drug Industry prefers to sell eyeglasses, contact lenses, dangerous destructive cornea laser eye surgery, cataract lens surgery, other eye operations and drugs. They continue to suppress, hide the Bates Method from their patients, the public.
Dishonest Eye Doctors prescribe stronger and stronger eyeglass lenses, bifocals, unneeded astigmatism sections in the eyeglass lenses, tinted/UV blocking lenses & sunglasses knowing that this causes and increases fast vision impairment, eye muscle tension, abnormal pressure, tension on/in the eye, retina, lens.., dependence on stronger eyeglasses and leads to development of cataracts, detached retina, other eye health impairment resulting in thousands of dollars profit from performing cataract, retina, cornea... surgery. (Eyeglasses, bifocals and glasses with astigmatism sections... cause and increase astigmatism, conical cornea, cornea ulcers, infections, scars) I suspect that some Opticians, Optometrists that sell stronger and stronger eyeglasses secretly receive money, `kickbacks' from eye surgeons when the business sends a patient that has developed a cataract or other eye problem, `advanced and ready for surgery' to the eye surgeon for a operation.
Senior citizens are their main victim, `customer', abused by their doctors, told to wait for surgery until the cataract grows large enough while the doctor sells stronger and stronger eyeglass lenses, bifocals, unnecessary astigmatism sections in the glasses, sunglasses... knowing that this practice will cause more vision impairment, increase, speed the growth, development of the cataract and prevent a natural reversal, cure of the cataract.

A sales pitch for laser eye cornea surgery is often done after the patient's eyesight is greatly impaired from being prescribed addictive, stronger and stronger eyeglass lenses, bifocals and astigmatism lenses. When the patient feels helpless, scared, they are pressured into agreeing to eye cornea laser surgery.
Laser cornea eye surgeons destroy the health, structure of the eyes cornea knowing it will lead to a variety of eye, vision impairments, sale of eyeglasses, more eye surgery. Many patients have experienced extreme, disabling vision problems, eye pain and blindness has occurred. Patients have committed suicide, explaining to their family they would rather die than live with the greatly impaired vision, pain and poor quality of life that the laser cornea eye surgery caused. See the FDA 'Cornea Surgery Side Effects Warning'. The law states that eye doctors do not have to tell their patients all the dangers, side effects of cornea eye surgeries. Laser surgery destroys the cornea's health, function and often results in more eye surgeries to correct the damage done by the first laser surgery. Even though the TV news stations and newspapers receive a lot of money for advertising Laser surgery they post reports on laser cornea eye surgery side effects. Blinding people is the cruelest, most heartless type of crime! Doctors are doing this!

An honest eye doctor prefers to get the patient to stop use of eyeglasses, will not prescribe strong eyeglasses, bifocals, tinted, UV blocking lenses, sunglasses, astigmatism sections, laser cornea eye surgery. He/she teaches the patient how to reverse, prevent unclear vision, astigmatism, cataracts and other abnormal eye conditions.
Due to the truth about Natural Medicine being available to the modern public, interest in Natural Cures; Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazines, books, work has been recovered from individual owners, re-published and brought back to the public. Many HONEST Ophthalmologists, Optometrists are now learning, teaching the Bates Method and monitoring, recording their patients Natural Eyesight Improvement progress.

Clark Night
Wednesday, March 28, 2012 at 19:06:10 (CDT)

Notice S. yung did not post my entire reply to him on;

This is my reply after he continually advises people to not read, buy my teacher Thomas Quackenbush's books, constanly writes abusive reviews about my teacher and my books on, then tells people to go to
No wonder people are thinking he owns this website. He pulls us into fighting back in defense; Rune if you are not S. Yung, please get on Amazon and reply and reply on here. I am sorry I let this guy drag me down. Read all his abusive reviews on Amazon. If my post is on here is deleted and S. Yungs stays; I will wonder why...

This is my complete reply on Amazon to S. Yung;
Yes, that's my old post. The site ( really was a great help, I used it to compare against 3 other resources, but in the end, he has so many mis-spellings and magazine months, years missing it was difficult, frustrating. I did a OCR scan on 1233 original magazine PDF printout pages I bought from iblindness to convert to text, then compared's magazines to, read every line of my created text version from the originals and to the original PDF I bought from Iblindness 3 times to get it all right, be sure I had all pages, articles, months, years and spell check. Iblindness is the only on-line e-reosurce that has it all together, correct in original form. I offered a complete copy in Word and PDF when I was done creating it, (also again recently) so he can have all the spell check done and all the magazines, entire collection on-line but he never answers, leaves the site as it is. Maybe he is ill, or something, overworked?

I was being extra nice to him in that post, kinda lied to spare his feelings and I do apprciate the work he did; when I OCR'ed the 1233 original pages it took ages and tedious, boring work! I think he must of had to do the same thing. As I scanned the the pages, many of the same mis-prints that has showed up in the text output. I had to find other resources; the originals and bought more originals on-line to double check, fix the misprints. Thomas Quackenbush's book 'Better Eyesight' also provided many months, years, articles that is missing and I also used his book to check against the original pages to verify Dr. Bates correct print in a few of the old 1900's worn pages. At present date iblindness now has new perfect original pages. did remove my post when I complained about the software goofing up my computer. If he has fixed it, I dont know, he does not write back. And yes, I have donated there a few times. I published that post before I first started to donate.
I have Paypal reciepts.

S. Yung, you focus to much on money, always acusing people of posting eyesight improvement articles to advertise. We do it to help people. If you were not on here spaming for in order to hurt my teacher, I would have never replied with the truth about that website.

Also; ask anyone on here that contacted me; they were given the books for free.
If anyone knows who S. Yung is, let us know!

Clark Night <>
South Boston, MA, USA - Wednesday, March 28, 2012 at 18:57:53 (CDT)

Is it strange that Clark Night never complained before about any of the things she is now alleging about the troubles this site had caused her?
S Yung
Wednesday, March 28, 2012 at 17:30:07 (CDT)

For years Clark Night (aka Mary Oliver) has been staking out here trying to find sales leads by offering free books as baits.

Imagine my surprise seeing what she has to say about this site (Comment posted today on Amazon):

"Though I respect the work the owner of has done and do like the website (the website S. Yung advises), the website owner has not done a much needed spelling correction or completed the collection for years. The website gives a free software download that acts like a virus, cannot be completely be removed from your computer-hides in the computer, produces constant pop-ups asking for a donation for the software, slows, goofs up computer functions. I had to go to a computer repair guy to remove it. It could be a very good product and website resource if the owner would just do it all right and answer e-mails from readers, customers. I no longer donate there because he never e-mails back a thank-you."

Compare this with what she said before when working on her books:

"I recently sent you a free copy of Better Eyesight MAgazines with 500 pictures.
Your website was a great help to me when doing research and saved me alot of time.
If you like, you can give a free copy to people that buy/donate to your swing windows and other products. Fair is fair and it would of taken me ages to do this book without being able to double check easily with your site and the original scans from iblindness. Thank you, Clark Night. I will donate if I ever make enough money on my site."

Not only did she praise this site, she clearly never donated a dime.

S Yung
Wednesday, March 28, 2012 at 17:25:50 (CDT)

Heres a training article;

Draw a circle about 5 inches high, wide.
Draw a small dot in the center.
Draw a dot on the left side and on the right side.

Look directly at the dot in the center of the circle, with the dot at eye level between the left and right eyes.
While looking directly at the dot it is in the central field and is clearest. Eyes with normal clear vision will see the dot clear in the central field. (Let the eyes move, shift point to point on the dot to avoid staring, tension, blur. Blink, relax.)

While looking at the dot in the center of the circle; notice that the dots on the left and right sides of the circle are in the eyes peripheral visual field and are less clear. This is normal vision.

Next; turn the eyes, head/face left < and look directly at the dot on the left side of the circle with this dot at eye level between the left and right eyes. The eyes move the central field (eyes fovea centrals in the center of the macula) onto the dot on the left, placing the dot in the central field of vision. The dot on the left is now clearest.
While looking at the dot on the left; the dot in the middle of the circle and right side of the circle are in the peripheral field and are less clear.

Repeat the experiment by looking directly at the dot on the right side >, placing it in the central field and seeing it clearest.

The eyes, fovea, central field move from object to object, part to part on a object seeing 'one small part' at a time clearest in the central field. The eyes, central field move so quickly, easily that the entire visual field appears perfectly, equally clear, though in reality; the object, 'part of a object' the eyes are looking directly at, (even if it's only for a second, fraction of a second as the eyes move continually part to part, object to object) is seen clearest in the central field as the eyes central field passes upon/over that part.

The tiny exact central field, produced by the center of the eyes fovea centralis sees small fine details clear, clearer than 20/20 with bright color in the exact central field. The true eye function is shifting point to point. (Saccades)
The eyes are always in movement, this is healthy. The eyes combine shifting and central-fixation for clear vision.

From Ophthalmologist William H. Bates 'Better Eyesight Magazine';

An invariable symptom of all abnormal conditions of the eyes, whether functional or organic, is the loss of central fixation. When a
person with perfect vision looks at a letter on the Snellen test card he can always observe that all the other letters in his field of
vision are seen less distinctly. He can also observe that when he looks at the bottom of even the smallest letter on the card, the top
appears less black and less distinct than the part directly regarded, while the same is true of a letter of diamond type, or of the
smallest letters that are printed. When a person with imperfect sight looks at the card he can usually observe that when he can read
a line of letters he is able to look at one letter of a line and see it better than the others, but the letters of a line he cannot read may
look all alike, or those not directly regarded may even be seen better than the one fixed.
These conditions are due to the fact that when the sight is normal the sensitiveness of the fovea is normal, but when the sight is
imperfect, from whatever cause, the sensitiveness of the fovea is lowered, so that the eye sees equally well, or even better, with
other parts of the retina. Contrary to what is generally believed, the part seen best when the sight is normal is extremely small.
The text-books say that at twenty feet an area having a diameter of a quarter of an inch can be seen with maximum vision, but anyone who tries at this distance to see every part of one of the small letters of the Snellen test card - the diameter of which is about a quarter of an inch - equally well at one time will immediately become myopic. The fact is that the nearer the point of maximum vision approaches a mathematical point, which has no area, the better the
The cause of this loss of function in the center of sight is 'mental strain' and as all abnormal conditions of the eyes, organic as well
as functional, are accompanied by mental strain, all such conditions must necessarily be accompanied by loss of central fixation.
When the mind is under a strain the eye usually goes more or less blind. The center of sight goes blind first, partially or completely,
according to the degree of the strain, and if the strain is great enough the whole or the greater part of the retina may be involved.
When the vision of the center of sight has been suppressed, partially or completely, the patient can no longer see the point which he
is looking at best, but sees objects not regarded directly as well, or better, because the sensitiveness of the retina has now become
approximately equal in every part, or is even better in the outer part than in the center. Therefore in all cases of defective vision the
patient is unable to see best where he is looking. This condition is sometimes so extreme that the patient may look as far away from an object as it is possible to see it and yet see it just as well as when looking directly at it. In one case it had gone so far that the patient could see only with the edge of the retina on the nasal side. In other words, she could not see her fingers in front of her face, but could see them if she held them at the outer side of her eye. She had no error of refraction, showing that while every error of refraction is accompanied by eccentric fixation, the strain which causes the one condition is different from that which produces the other. The patient had been examined by specialists in this country and Europe, who attributed her blindness to disease of the optic nerve, or brain' but the fact that vision was restored by relaxation demonstrated that the condition had been due simply to mental strain.
Eccentric fixation, even in its lesser degrees, is so unnatural that great discomfort, or even pain, can be produced in a few
seconds by trying to see every part of an area three or four inches in extent at twenty feet, or even less, or an area of an inch or less
at the near point, equally well at one time, while at the same time the retinoscope will demonstrate that an error of refraction has
been produced. This strain, when it is habitual, leads to all sorts of abnormal conditions and is, in fact, at the bottom of most eye
troubles, both functional and organic. The discomfort and pain may be absent, however, in the chronic condition, and it is an encouraging symptom when the patient begins to experience them.

Clark Night <>
South Boston, MA, USA - Wednesday, March 28, 2012 at 16:23:04 (CDT)

It's awesome; everything is very well done, congrats! Follow us also on
Wednesday, March 14, 2012 at 08:44:32 (CDT)

Zvia; Where is that? Overseas? I know of Thomas Quackenbush in the Netherlands. Ester at ....
Send me a e-mail for free books. They contain list of teachers.

Clark Night <>
Worcester, MA and South San Francisco, CA, USA - Monday, February 20, 2012 at 13:58:01 (CST)

Could you help me find a therapist in or close to Byron Shire NSW?
Saturday, February 18, 2012 at 19:12:46 (CST)

Sending you books free; Original Unedited Antique book and Magazines by Dr. Bates.
Clark Night <>
Worcester, MA and South San Francisco, CA, USA - Friday, February 17, 2012 at 15:55:40 (CST)

I think it's true.I want to buy the book (English version),But I can't find it. who can help. Thanks.
Gorden <>
Jiangxi, China - Friday, February 10, 2012 at 21:47:43 (CST)

hello! )
Only Bates is really correct in eyes question, no one other, and only his method is working! Thanks for this beautiful site!
I'd like to share some ideas for developing Swing Windows program! Can you write plugin, which allow to change swingtype automaticly within for example some minutes, It will so huge usefull!! Thanks)

Ghost_nsk <>
Novosibirsk, Russia - Tuesday, January 10, 2012 at 01:00:14 (CST)

E-MAil me for help if youn like.
Clark Night <>
Worcester, USA - Friday, January 6, 2012 at 14:39:31 (CST)


Thanks for the links! I've been practicing the Bate's method on and off now for about a year, and so far I've gotten some clear flashes, but they're of shot duration.

S. Young,

Thanks for the tips! I'm definitely going to try moving my head more as I read on the computer.

As of the moment, something I've noticed as a myopic -- I don't really pay attention to what's in front of me. I tend to "stare into space" a lot and day dream, and I have this theory that this contributes to my poor vision. Whenever I'm engaged with the outside world (thinking about what's directly in front of me, being interested in it), relaxing, and just over-all being actually aware, my vision significantly improves.

Mico <>
Sunday, January 1, 2012 at 07:08:01 (CST)

ALL my books are free on Google and the Better Eyesight Magazines by Dr. Bates include all issues and spell check;

Clark Night <>
Worcester, USA - Friday, December 30, 2011 at 07:35:49 (CST)

For S. Yung and all people; Better Eyesihgt Magazine is now FREE on Google Books.

Clark Night <>
Worcester, USA - Friday, December 30, 2011 at 07:32:20 (CST)

Dr. Bates’ discoveries are so simple one can hardly simplify:
1. The eyes are only at rest when they are moving;
2. The eyes (more precisely the mind) see by central fixation, one part best at a time.

Based on these fundamentals, the Bates method is a collection of many different things Dr. Bates proposed to help us use the eyes as nature intended, and to quickly relieve eyestrain.

Notice that Dr. Bates did not say if we practice central fixation for this long or do the swings this many times everyday, our defective vision will go away. Rather, he said to consciously keep the fundamentals in mind. Elsewhere he also stated: “Rest of the eyes and mind is the cure for myopia” (BE, 12/1928, Myopia). His statements make perfect sense when we consider that:

1. When we recover from an illness, it is ultimately the body that cured itself, even though for the most part we don’t know exactly how the body does it. Same with our eyes. Vision is so complex God only knows how the images are formed in the brain, so the emphasis must be on removing the cause of defective sight, thereby giving the eyes the chance to restore their normal functioning.

2. If I spend half of my waking hours doing all the routines and exercises recommended, but resume my stressful way of using the eyes once I go back to my normal daily activities, then all my effort won’t get me very far.

Thus the first order of business is to take stock of one’s daily activities, focusing on those that are more challenging for the eyes - requiring concentration and close-up work, and make sure the fundamentals are kept in mind when you perform them. This is where discipline to follow a plan is paramount. The first goal is to go through a typical day without eyestrain.

Some suggestions:
If you spend a lot of time reading or in front of a screen:
a. Mind your posture. At one time, my computer monitor was to one side on my desk. Whenever I worked on my PC, I was twisting the body and the neck, causing needless stress.
b. Try moving the head slightly along with the eyes as you read, across the page or across the screen, as the case may be. You will find it much easier on the eyes.
c. Look up from time to time to glance at something in the distance, or look out the window.

If you spend a lot of time driving, glance from the road ahead to look at the time on the dashboard from time to time. When stopped at the lights, move the head around as if you’re looking for a specific address on both sides of the road.

If you want to be more proactive, schedule time to play or learn a new sport. Or play solo bouncing ball or ping-pong against a wall, or learn to juggle, or just take a walk and enjoy the scenery. By all means come up with your own activities. They will afford plenty of natural movement for the eyes, not to mention workout for the body, and are definitely more fun than shifting exercises.

S Yung
Monday, December 19, 2011 at 19:21:30 (CST)

About Palming:

Regardless of what else you do, please make palming a regular part of your routine, especially if you have high myopia (BE, 2/1925 Q&A). There is no better way to rest the eyes and the mind, and many believe healing energies actually emanate from the palms of the hands, so never underestimate its power.

If you don’t see black when you palm, forget about black and think about something pleasant (e.g. time with loved ones), or relive some happy moments that you can remember perfectly (BE, 3/1926 Q&A). Dr. Bates had discovered that MEMORY RELAXES, and once the mind is relaxed, you will be seeing black before you know it

I like palming because it gives me the satisfaction of knowing I’m doing something for my eyes. The only problem is the arms do get tired. I will then switch to using only one hand, then the other hand, then back to both hands, etc. Palming is never time wasted since I can do some serious planning, reflecting, and problem-solving while palming (approved by Dr. Bates when done without stress), and sometimes I just listen to music and let the eyes roam without thinking about anything.

I also palm while ‘watching’ the news and only open momentarily when there’s something I want to see. So anyone should be able to find time to palm.

S Yung
Monday, December 19, 2011 at 19:04:38 (CST)

Mico, RJ, and whoever interested:

After wearing glasses almost every waking moment for decades for myopia, I have been able to do away with them and now only wear a low prescription for driving at night, and I no longer see flashes which happened quite regularly before. While not where I want to be yet, I consider the improvement very significant so far.

It bears repeating that if a product description does not convince you, forget about the testimonials. They are so cheap they are everywhere on practically anything.

In any case, I am aware of an unusual endorsement of the Bates method found on p.136 of the book Psychic Healing by Sylvia Browne. I know there are people who are offended by the word psychic, so I bring this up not to create controversy but to pass the information along, and you can decide what to do with it. Below is the paragraph from the book:

“Use the Bates method to help your eyes remain in tip-top shape. These exercises are very simple to do and use everyday objects such as a pencil or even your own hands. You’ll probably help yourself greatly because people never exercise their eyes – they don’t roll their eyes, they don’t look near, they don’t look far. Sylvia’s grandmother Ada actually cured herself of cataracts when she was 84 thanks to the Bates method."

S Yung
Monday, December 19, 2011 at 19:00:05 (CST)

A previous post asked S Yung whether the Bates method helped, is there an answer forthcoming?
Sunday, November 27, 2011 at 22:53:10 (CST)

Your downloads page has some nifty programs but all require Windows. Any hope these will appear for the popular Mac and iPad platforms?
Apta <>
Encinitas, USA - Wednesday, November 2, 2011 at 20:20:22 (CDT)

S Yung,

I like your more simplified outlook on the Bate's Method and try it.

If I may ask a more personal question though, have you improved your eyesight significantly with these methods, or, is it still something you have to work on? Thanks.

Friday, October 28, 2011 at 01:20:00 (CDT)

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