Swing Windows

Version History


• Fixed two problems that made the software not work on some systems.
• The download size is slightly reduced because of a new improved version of the installer program.


• Made some fixes to the help section.
• Made a fix to the registration routine.
• Minor changes to the menus in the program.
• The download size is reduced because of better compression of the help file.
• The program is no longer dependent on the file Comctl32.ocx, so I could remove this file from the Master Installer.


• When swinging two windows at a time, the second window can now be made to stay on top of other windows. This is useful for making the illusion of a variable swing, where you have a smaller window swinging in front of your main window.
• A new help section.
• Fixed a bug from v2.1.0 that made the 'Run Minimized On Startup' and 'Start Swinging Automatically' options not work.
• Fixed a bug that made the program crash if it tried to retrieve the icon from a window with a missing or invalid icon.
• The ability to swing maximized windows is now disabled by default, but can be enabled by checking an option in the Settings window. The reason for this is that swinging maximized windows doesn't work properly with some Windows versions.


• Added the ability to swing two windows simultaneously.
• Added support for plugins.


• This was the first version of the program made available for download.